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Are you an adult looking to get your high school diploma? Or make a career change? West Park Adult Education Programs believes in education for anyone—at any age.  That's why we offer adult learning options for older students. It's never too late to earn your high school diploma or improve your career skills. With online, self-paced courses for students older than 18, West Park Adult Education gives you the convenience of programs that fit your schedule.

The Adult  Fast Track Program

 is mastery-based.  This type of course work allows you to take the time you need to learn the material.  Most units will begin with a pre-test that will establish what you already know about the topic.  Based on the results of the pre-test, you may be able to skip past the material you already know.  This allows you to focus your time and attention only on what you need to learn. Don’t spend your valuable time on material you already know!


 Partnering with Edmentum helps us to address this challenge by providing our students with affordable access to essential course materials they need to successfully complete their higher education goals. Adult learners are able to complete online high school courses on their terms and schedule. Online courses can be accessed from any location with access to the Internet. Adult students often complete the remaining credit requirements in as little as 3-6 months.


 This helps adult learners complete high school much faster than attending a traditional high school. Having a high school diploma allows you to have more job opportunities and the ability to advance your career. This is not a GED program but an opportunity to complete your High School Diploma.

Adult Career  Diploma:

 This career-focused approach to helping you earn your high school diploma is a great option if you plan to go directly into the workforce or have already started your career.

Adult Career Path:

If you already have a high school diploma or GED, this online adult learning program offers courses in high-demand career pathways that prepare you to take industry-recognized certification exams, find a job in your chosen field, or enter college to continue your studies.

Teacher Instructing
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